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Photo credit: Mike Dooley and Robert Fertitta (stained glass)



Most Reverend Edgar Moreira da Cunha, S.D.V.

Bishop of Fall River


Very Reverend Thomas Washburn, Rector

Reverend Juan Carlos Munoz, Parochial Vicar and Director of Spanish Ministry

Deacon Peter Cote



St. Mary's Cathedral is the Mother church of the Diocese of Fall River, Massachusetts. The Cathedral parish provides spiritual nourishment  to the Roman Catholic population of downtown Fall River through the sacraments and God's word. The Cathedral also hosts many important Diocesan liturgies throughout the year with Bishop da Cunha.


We welcome visitors from near and far. We are happy to serve you, our brothers and sisters in Christ.

The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption is part of the Catholic Community of Central Fall River.

For Bulletins, contact and other information visit our website:

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